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fore innovations

2011-2017 Mustang GT Fuel Rails

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  • Gen 1/2 Coyote
  • Gen 3 Coyote (must use PN 200103 to adapt FRPS)
  • Voodoo (must use PN 200103 to adapt FRPS)
  • All FRPP intakes
  • Kenne Bell superchargers
  • Whipple superchargers that utilize OE rails
  • Not for use with any supercharger or intake that includes rails

Fore Innovations monoblock fuel rails for the Gen 1/2 Coyote motor. Fully machined from solid block of 6061 aluminum, then black anodized and laser etched. Integrated mounting tabs eliminate rail tab flex under the highest intake and fuel pressures. Designed to use factory length fuel injector.

Crossover kits are unassembled. Installer will have to cut hose to length and assemble hose ends.

MUST use a PTFE based thread sealant on auxiliary port. Recommend Loctite #567 or Permatex 80631/80632.

  • End port size: ORB-8 (o-ring boss with 3/4-16 threads)
  • Aux Port Size: NPT 1/8"