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2015 – 2016 Mustang GT 5.0 4v Twin Turbo System

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Throughout the 2015 year at On 3 Performance we have been working with a like new 1,000 mile 2015 Mustang 5.0 GT.  We started with already high expectations as we already have proven and had a great twin turbo system for the earlier coyote 5.0 cars.  The 2015 body changes created a problem for us as the 11-14 turbo system wasn’t going to work on the new application.  So we went back to the drawling boards and had to design a new system.

To begin the design, we started at the cylinder heads and made a new tubular turbo manifold to hold the two On 3 Performance 55 or 61mm turbochargers.  On most systems we design, we use a typical 4 bolt t3 or t4 flange.  With this new system, we went to a new stainless steel exhaust housing which is Vbanded In and out.  This is a much nicer way to mount turbos and allows for more adjustment.  You will also see an increase in power going with this style house as they have better flow characteristics over the other square 4 bolt design.  To exhale the spent gases, each kit will have twin 3″ 304ss turbo back downpipes(16 gauge).

Since the turbochargers are low mounted on this system, it will require the use of a scavenge pump which is provided with the oiling system included.  There are a lot of pumps on the market and we wanted nothing but the best.  Since they run the whole time the car is on and without it operating, it will cause a turbo failure.  We decided to go with a pump maker out of Italy, one of the highest quality units we have tested.  They can be found on almost any Nascar racing so I believe if they can handle their specifications, we should be more than happy with it.  By using the pump, we return the oil simply back up to the custom billet oil fill cap.  This way you are not having to tap your oil pan, most people really like this aspect of running a scavenge pump with the turbos.  Also with the turbos being mounted at the level of the oil pan, air filtration must be addressed.  Some throw filters on the turbos and call it a day, thats far from acceptable when potentially exposed to the elements.   We developed full length ducting up to the front of the bumper.  So each turbocharger is then pulling cold, fresh air directly from behind the front bumper area.  Moving the air out of the turbochargers, we have all aluminum, hard intercooler piping to direct it to the intercooler.  The intercooler itself was as large as we could fit behind the front bumper opening without having to cut the car in any way.  Its physically size has a 3.5″ bar and plate core with a volume larger than some of our previous TT intercoolers already proven to be efficient over 1,200rwhp.  Up to the throttle body we have a 3.5″ charge pipe which will retain the factory MAF.  In most cases that are ~900-1000rwhp or below, there will be no maf upgrade required if the calibrator is capable of the tuning.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Turbocharger Options
  • Stainless Steel Cast Exhaust Housings Standard
  • Custom Designed Oil Scavenging System
  • Full 3″ Stainless Downpipes
  • 600 – 1000hp
  • Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Options
  • All Bead Rolled Cold Side Tubing w/ T-bolts
  • Retain “Factory-Like” Driving Characteristics
  • No System Offers What We Do For The Price, Period!