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on3 performance

On 3 Performance 2015 – 2017 Mustang GT 5.0 2nd Gen Top Mount Twin Turbo System – S550

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On 3 Performance is proud to announce the newest coyote turbo system that we have developed for the S550 chassis Mustang 5.0 cars.  As you may know, we have been selling our low mounted system over the last few years.  Sales have been strong and people like the kit however a lot of people really want to be able to see the turbos and show it off.  We have designed what we believe is the best system available for the S550 platform, visually and performance related.  We used some of the best products we make in order to design this new system.  Starting with the manifolds, we designed around are already proven cast stainless steel manifold runner which has been 7’s in the quarter mile.  This manifold is a forward facing design and places each turbo right up front.  As far as the visual impression goes, it doesnt get much better than this.  The turbos are right up top, front and center.  As far as turbo selection goes, almost all turbochargers use 4 bolts on the inlet flange.  With our kit, we include standard our newest exhaust housings which are V-band inlet and outlet.  This makes for unlimited adjustment and one simple clamp to secure the turbocharger in place.  Not only does this make for an easier install, it also has its power gains being that you are flowing air from a round pipe directly into a round housing. Traditional housings are rectangle shaped and the transition will create a turbulence that has been proven to lose horsepower over our design.